Aftermarket Services

As the OEM we provide complete product Repair, Overhaul and Factory New OEM Licensed Spares for Rigid, Flexible and Insulated duct assemblies constructed of Metal, Composite & Elastomers. Arrowhead Products, with its 75 years of knowledge and experience in design and manufacture of aerospace complex ducting systems and components has opened a new, state-of-the art, Repair & Overhaul facility designed with the same manufacturing processes and equipment that we use with our OEM customers resulting in extensive repair capabilities and a reduced Turn-Around-Time (TAT). Repairs are performed in accordance with OEM drawings, CMMs, Specifications and utilize the original fixtures, tooling, raw materials and components.

Applications Include:

Pneumatic Systems - Environmental Control Systems - Engine Bleed Air Systems Thermal Anti-Ice Systems - Piccolo Tubes - Starter Ducts.