Low Pressure Systems | Aerospace Composites

The aerospace industry has endless requirements for lightweight, high temperature/high strength materials, systems, and components. This demand has made Arrowhead Products a leader in the design of elastomeric and composite components, with products that combine both rigid and flexible sections in custom configurations.

High flame resistance, low heat emissivity, superb thermal performance, high flexibility and ultra-lightweight qualities are the standard for our team. Fiberglass batting, polyimide felt, and flexible foam are used in composite muffler ducts for noise attenuation in high-temperature environments.

Aerospace Composite Products

Arrowhead Products is a recognized leader in flexible and semi-rigid composite component design and manufacturing for lightweight, low pressure air distribution ducting.

Most of Arrowhead’s composite parts are designed to incorporate reinforcing fabrics coated with either elastomers or thermosetting resins that are cured to shape. The range of fabrics, elastomers and resins we use includes all commercially available materials. Other products include molded elastomeric parts.

Aerospace Composite Services & Capabilities

With our expertise in composite components, Arrowhead designs, manufactures, rig tests, and qualifies low-pressure ducting systems for aircraft environmental control systems.

Our team specializes in CATIA 5 modeling, 2D and 3D designs, computational fluid dynamics, and stress analysis. This experience, in addition to our fully-staffed plaster pattern shop, engineering development lab, and engineering test lab, equips Arrowhead to design, develop, test, and fabricate a fully functional low-pressure ducting system.