Aftermarket & Repair Services

Arrowhead Products is an original equipment manufacturer with 80 years of knowledge and experience

Arrowhead Products is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with 80 years of knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of complex aerospace ducting systems and components.

We provide complete product repair, overhauls, and factory-new OEM-licensed spares for rigid, flexible, and insulated fluid/air duct and tube assemblies constructed of metal, composite, and elastomers. We also provide repairs for non-Arrowhead Products parts of similar design.

Arrowhead Products’ state-of-the-art repair and overhaul facility uses the same processes and equipment that our OEM customers receive, resulting in extensive repair capabilities and a reduced turnaround time. Aftermarket Applications include:

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  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Engine Bleed Air Systems
  • Thermal Anti-Ice Systems
  • Piccolo Tubes
  • Starter Ducts
  • Exhaust Nozzles & Plugs
  • QEC & EBU
  • Heat Shields & Insulation Blankets
  • Engine and APU Ducting
    • Fuel Manifolds
    • Cooling Manifolds
    • Oil/Hydraulic tubes & hoses

Repairs are performed in accordance with OEM drawings, CMMs, and other specifications. Our team uses original fixtures, tooling, raw materials, and components.

FAA Repair

Arrowhead Products offers repairs of its products through its FAA Part 145 certified repair facility located on the premises.








ATA Chapters

  • ATA 21 Air Conditioning & Pressurization
  • ATA 30 Ice & Rain Protection Thermal Anti-Ice
  • ATA 36 Pneumatic
  • ATA 44 Cabin Systems
  • ATA 49 Airborne Auxiliary Power
  • ATA 75 Engine Bleed Air
  • ATA 71 Power Plant
  • ATA 78 Exhaust
  • ATA 80 Starting

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